online reputation management

One simple solution for business owners who just don't have it in the budget to pay an employee to spend time browsing the internet and tracking down reviews is to purchase online review management software.

Choosing Battles and Battlegrounds for Deciding How to Take on Online Reviews

From Yelp to TripAdvisor, online reviews have become a truly essential aspect of small business web management. Even a single review can capsize a small business with only a short track record in the industry. These websites and many others utilize average reviews while even accounting for the number of views and “likes” the review receives (particularly in the case of Amazon). The moral of the story is that reviews matter, regardless of the format and the style in which they are organized.

Mini reviews on public boards are not the only problem. There are blog networks, independent and individual reviewers, with extensive and popular blogs. With all that in mind, online reputation management becomes its own business. How are reviews managed? Is it even practical to try to manage them at all?

Picking Battles

Reviews come in different forms and through different channels. Leading business professionals should be able to determine the battles worth fighting for, and that means selecting which channels matter and which channels may be too difficult to tackle. For example, retail providers who have a substantial presence on Amazon should place emphasis on Amazon reviews. Small blog platforms, on the other hand, could be too challenging to work with. Furthermore, it means developing a plan to potentially remove the content, respond to it, or patch up relationships with the content provider by admitting faults and collaborating with them.

Any of these options require an entirely different tactic, and they all vary based on the circumstance and the relationship. But, it still means choosing the battles worth engaging with, whether on an independent blog or a large platform like Amazon.

Utilize Software

It is a no-brainer that online review management software will ease these burdens. Some may argue that it is essential in 2018. If a professional needs to choose their battles, they need to know which battles are worth fighting and which ones are too tiny to consider (or too challenging to do much of anything about). The software can provide that insight.

Every business responds to reviews differently, whether ignoring them or confronting them. But, no business leader can choose a proper response without the correct information.